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This sections provides you with writer's guidelines of Travel magazines and websites that pay freelance writers for articles and stories.

Writer's Guidelines:
    Oregon Coast magazine — Oregon Coast is a bimonthly family-oriented magazine that features stories of regional interest, written in a clear, crisp style that is rich in anecdotes and quotes. Thoroughness and accuracy in details, history, and background are essential. Payment is made 30 to 60 days after publication. Pays: $100-250/feature article; $45-650/regional roundup; and $225/restaurant review.
    UPDATED: 12-Jan-2016 | VISITED: 1931 times — GoNOMAD prides itself on providing excellent, entertaining, informative and unique travel articles and research about destinations, activities and experiences. GoNOMAD is always looking for talented, dedicated travel writers, photographers and researchers to join our team. Payment: $25/article.
    UPDATED: 26-Aug-2015 | VISITED: 12765 times
    National Geographic Traveler — National Geographic Traveler's goals are to find the new, to showcase fresh travel opportunities, to be an advocate for travelers. Each issue of the magazine contains five or more features, roughly balanced between U.S. and foreign subjects. Most Traveler features range from 1,500 to 2,500 words, depending on the subject. Traveler departments generally run from 750 to 1,500 words. Compensation varies depending on the type of feature or department but is competitive with other national magazines. Payment is made upon acceptance.
    UPDATED: 18-Nov-2014 | VISITED: 6344 times
    Arizona Highways Magazine — Arizona Highways is a monthly magazine that encourages travel to and within Arizona. Feature articles include experiential travel, history, nature and long-form profiles. Essays are considered on a case-by-case basis. The magazine's feature stories run between 1,500 and 4,000 words. Editors assign all stories and issue contracts. Pay rates and story approach are subject to discussion prior to assignment or after a query is accepted. The magazine buys first print rights.
    UPDATED: 29-Jul-2014 | VISITED: 2524 times (website) — is seeking articles related to indie travel which appeal to a wide audience of experienced travelers. Our readers are smart, opinionated, passionate about travel, and love exploring the world both on and off the beaten path. Feature Articles: $50/article.
    UPDATED: 23-Mar-2015 | VISITED: 1958 times
    Canadian Geographic magazine — Canadian Geographic magazine publishes stories about Canadian people, places, frontiers and issues (past and present). Each issue features the latest science, environment, travel and human and cultural stories from across Canada. Editors buy about 30 feature stories a year. Each issue is balanced geographically and thematically. Article length: 1,500-3,000 words. Payment: 80 cents per word and higher.
    UPDATED: 28-Apr-2015 | VISITED: 1082 times
    Caribbean Beat Magazine — Caribbean Beat welcomes lively, entertaining writing combined with a serious and informative approach to subject matter, and top-quality photos and illustrations. The editors prefer to work with authors based in the Caribbean and the diaspora. The editors will consider feature articles of up to 1,200 words on any subject of general Caribbean interest, as well as shorter pieces about current events, etc. Payment is issued upon publication. Rates: TBD.
    UPDATED: 2-Aug-2014 | VISITED: 2685 times
    Delta Sky magazine — Delta Sky magazine seeks stories about travel, lifestyle and business. Destinations should be a mix of domestic and international locales, and they should be of interest for a specific reason. The editors are interested in profiles of notable people, whether they're actors, authors, artists, athletes. Features range from 600–2,000 words. Departments include very small 100-word pieces to longer 500-word columns. Payment: TBD.
    UPDATED: 6-Jan-2014 | VISITED: 3719 times
    DesertUSA Magazine — The main editorial focus of is travel in the North American Desert and surrounding regions. A strong emphasis in natural and cultural history is a major theme in our magazine and a popular interest to readers. Adventure, desert lore, photo essays, events, southwest arts & crafts are also consistently represented in our editorial. We pay $100.00 for each article with photos that we use.
    UPDATED: 23-May-2015 | VISITED: 698 times
    Ensemble Vacations magazine (Canada) — Designed to inspire our readers' passion for travel, Ensemble Vacations covers the top travel and lifestyle trends. We accept freelance queries for most of our departments. Each issue of the magazine is focused on specific destinations, timed to coincide with Canadian consumer purchasing patterns. Compensation is competitive with other national magazines. Payment is made upon acceptance of the final article.
    UPDATED: 25-Mar-2014 | VISITED: 1644 times
    Escapees magazine — Escapees magazine submissions must be RV-related or of significant interest to the frequent RVer. The editors welcome articles on all stages of RV life, especially relevant mechanical/technical information. Maximum story length is 1,500 words. Payment: $150/article.
    UPDATED: 30-Apr-2014 | VISITED: 2992 times
    France Revisited magazine — France Revisited is a premier online magazine about travel, touring, culture and life France. France Revisited is read by English-speaking and bilingual readers worldwide. Pays $15 to $25/story.
    UPDATED: 29-Jan-2014 | VISITED: 630 times
    Great Escape Publishing — Great Escape Publishing publishes home-study programs and leads workshops that help our members get paid to travel. The editors are interested in travel writing, photography, create-your-own-tours, travel blogging and import/export. They also publish short interviews with professionals working in a travel field. Word length: 300-600 words. Payment: $50-$75/article; $100-$150 for interviews and personal stories; and $150-$200 for articles with specific income advice.
    UPDATED: 29-May-2014 | VISITED: 1174 times
    Hana Hou! magazine — As the island lifestyle magazine of Hawaii‘s premier airline, Hana Hou! strives to provide fresh, insightful views of the people, places and cultures that make our island home so special. The editors seek creative nonfiction that takes a fresh approach to aspects of travel, culture, people and life in general in Hawaii, and occasionally in one of the other destinations served by Hawaiian Airlines. Payment: up to 40 cents per word.
    UPDATED: 29-Jul-2014 | VISITED: 1947 times
    KANSAS! magazine — KANSAS! is a four-color magazine published by the Travel & Tourism Development Division of the Kansas Department of Commerce. The publication promotes tourism in the state with an emphasis on travel articles. Each issue of KANSAS! magazine contains various department stories and four to five features, based on the season and the editorial theme, and a seasonal photo gallery feature. Articles should be about 400 to 800 words. The editor will make a payment offer when the article is accepted.
    UPDATED: 6-Jan-2014 | VISITED: 962 times

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