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How to Create Your Own Freelance Project Contract by Laura Seeber → The first thing to consider when formulating a contract for a new freelance client is to make sure the contract can be defended in a court of law. There are six criteria that the contract must meet according to the United States legal system. First, each of the parties involved must be real and able to enter into a formal contract—so that means they must be of sound mind, exist in the real world, and be of legal age at a bare minimum ...
How Introverted Freelance Writers Can Ask For Referrals by Celine Roque → IT'S COMMON KNOWLEDGE THAT REFERRALS are an effective way for freelancers to get new business. After all, it's easier to sell your services to a potential client if they know someone who is already satisfied with your work. Clients who come to us via referrals tend to be easier to close than those we approach through cold emails and job applications ...
Freelance Writing Clients: The Good vs. the Bad by Bryce Emley → I think most freelancers have some conception of what a bad client looks like—those of you who aren't yet freelancers, imagine one. It probably exists. But what about the good ones? What do you want to look for in a client to make sure you don't get a non-payer or an ego-tripper or a possible relapsing sex offender? What type of client deserves you to hold on to like a sweaty hand in an action movie?...
A Freelance Writer's Guide to Using Public Speaking as a Marketing Tool by Neil Tortorella → PUBLIC SPEAKING IS EASILY one of the most anxiety and fear-inducing activities a person can do. Just the thought of speaking in front of a group can be the cause of sweaty palms, the knocking of knees and a gut-wrenching case of nausea. As a matter of fact, public speaking tops death on the "stressful things to do" list ...

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