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How to Get Higher Rates if You're a Freelance Writer from a Third-World Country by Issa Mirandilla → IN THE INTERNET AGE, it's no longer enough to have formidable wordsmithing abilities. You also have to know about online marketing, blogging, SEO, HTML, etc. If you don't have the money yet for a full-blown course on any of these skills, you can always take time to read the countless articles on the Internet about freelancing and related subjects ...
How to Sell Your Article Multiple Times by Cornelius Fortune → The key, as a professional writer (or an aspiring one), is to get the most mileage for the pieces you write. A little rewiring of the basic components, a new perspective, even reworking your original pitch can propel your story from its humble local beginnings to the national and international stage. This makes sense not only from a financial perspective, it's also a wonderful creative exercise worth exploring ...
How to Write Riveting Book Reviews by Giulia Simolo →FIRST, IT HELPS TO KNOW the different types of book reviews. There are critical reviews (you might recall writing evaluations in school or university that involved evaluating the work according to literary standards) and informational or descriptive book reviews. These descriptive reviews are usually published in print periodicals or websites ...
Teaching Others to Write by Ruth O'Neil → YOU'VE HEARD THE OLD ADAGE, "Those who can't write, teach." You can take this to heart, even if you CAN write. Most writers experience a downtime in their income at some point or another, regardless of the economy. So, what can you do? You can work smarter, not harder. Yes, you can do more writing and send out more manuscripts, but what about using your skills as a writer to teach a class or two? ...

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NEW The Eludia Award - $1,000 prize - Deadline: 03/30/2015
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NEW Symphony magazine - Pays from $500-$900
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