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How to Generate More High Quality Referrals for Your Writing Business by Neil Tortorella → THERE'S A MYTH that's been floating around service business circles since the very first business hung out its shingle. You've likely had it cross your mind at some point, especially when you began your freelance writing career. What is this seemingly innocent, even logical idea that can pose a significant threat to your success as a freelance writer. There's a truth in business and in life—If you don't ask, you don't get. It's no different when it comes to client referrals ...
How to Write an Advertorial by Brian Scott → Advertorials help large and small businesses avoid the traditional "hard-sell" ad and instead use a more personal, emotional-driven "story" that convinces readers to buy or try the product or service. The very best advertorials in magazines are ones that readers mistake for actual articles until they hit the "call-to-action" at the end or discover the small disclaimer saying that the article is actually an advertisement ...
Write Your First Video Game Review by Nathaniel Hohl →SINCE MANY ONLINE GAMING PUBLICATIONS don't provide reviewers with an advanced review copy of a particular game, chances are high you'll have to snag a copy of the game after it is released to the public. And since many gamers usually read a game's review on the day it comes out or maybe a few days after, that means you're working within a narrow window to play through the game, write the review, edit it, and get it to the site you're writing it for ...
8 Tips to Maximize Your Freelance Writing Earnings by Devyani Borade → IF ONLY WRITERS DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY TAX! Now that would maximize my meager earnings as a writer by as much as 20%—a significant growth indeed. Luckily for us, though, there are some simple ways in which we can ensure that we are squeezing as much value out of the dollar as the law of the land will allow ...

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