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Write for Us

 Guidelines updated for June 2015

Status: Closed. We will re-open September 1, 2015 to general submissions.

Below are our submission guidelines for reference. (If you've written for us before and want to pitch an article, please contact Brian Scott directly.) is a writer-oriented website, launched in 1997, that offers informative, useful articles on freelance writing and the writing process.

Most of our articles are written by experienced, professional freelance writers. Please do not query us if you have less than three years of verifiable experience in either your specialty or the topic on which you want to write. We are not a market for emerging writers.

Currently, we are accepting nonfiction articles on the business of freelance writing, as well as the craft of writing. Browse through our New Articles Section to see what we have recently published. Our interests now also include similar topics on the business and craft of fiction writing and poetry writing.

Payment: $25 per article.

Rights: First Electronic Rights. We also accept reprints of previously published articles if they are not published or archived online. Please note that all articles published on will remain on the website and accessible to readers indefinitely after publication.

Suggested word length: 800-1200 words per article. Usually we prefer tightly-focused, concisely-written articles around 850 words.

 We are always interested in topics that help writers:
  • break into different markets, magazines, literary journals, etc.
  • find new writing opportunities, whether as a freelance writer, copywriter, poet, fiction writer, or book author.
  • make more money with their writing skills;
  • write different types of specific articles, copy, or stories;
  • pitch an idea or manuscript to an editor, a publisher, or literary agent;
  • learn the craft of fiction writing, nonfiction writing, or poetry writing.
What can freelance writers, poets, authors, or fiction writers learn from you, the professional? Can you introduce our readers to a new niche? Or help them write for a specific genre or industry? Or help them land more freelance work or sell their next article, poem, or book?

Topics must be timely, evergreen, relevant, and specific. We ask that you write from personal experience using first-person narrative ("I") and address our readers in second-person ("You").

You can write an article in any format: short or long form narrative. We prefer short form such as a List-style article: using numbers, bullets, short paragraphs, subheadings, concise language, and specific examples.

We do not publish articles that are generalized or watered-down. Articles that we accept are specific: using sound, personal advice; quotes; statistics; Q&A from experts; real results; etc. to support the overall topic.

You must have excellent English writing skills and in-depth knowledge about what you are covering. You are writing for an audience of both seasoned and aspiring writers. We are very selective in what we publish and we consider the overall experience of the writer who wants to write for us.

Your article must be original and not duplicated content elsewhere. We do not accept articles from content mills, content marketing agencies, or bloggers writing on behalf of companies. We work with individual seasoned writers only, one-on-one.

We will work with you to enhance your article with images, custom designs, an attractive layout, etc. We will give you final approval before we make your article live at our site. Besides providing dofollow links in your bio., we also promote your article to our Facebook Fans, our Twitter followers, subscribers of our free email newsletters, and followers of our blogs.

Note: we do not follow a strict publishing schedule. Sometimes we can publish a new article within a week; other times we may decide to publish a new article a few weeks later, depending on relevancy and our readers' current interests.

Please query us first with what you intend to write.

Brian Scott,

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