Last updated: Saturday 23rd of July 2016
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Paid Writing Gigs for Freelance Writers
You won't find these freelance writing gigs posted at any online job board or crowdsourcing site. These are special, recent requests or announcements from editors and publishers who need to find or outsource assignments to freelance writers, ranging from writing feature-length articles to composing blog posts or tutorials. We regularly add new writing gigs every few days, depending on how many we have at a given time. (As with any job or market listing, writers should do their due diligence and research the editor, publisher, or company who is offering the paid work as anyone applying for a job should do.) Please bookmark or add this page to your Favorites so you can use this resource as part of your routine for seeking new freelance jobs.

We have included dates with each job. If a job is 14 days past the post date, contact the employer or publisher first to ensure the job is still open to submissions or applications. If a market or job is no longer accepting submissions, then please contact us so we can remove it.

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Added: Tuesday, March 1, 2016
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Envato Tuts + is Seeking Freelance Creative Business Writers

The creative team of Envato Tuts + announced they are seeking freelance writers to create business and career development content and tutorials for a growing audience of budding and established digital creative professionals who want to succeed in their careers. The editors have compiled a list of timely topics they need covered such as: 1) How to Start and Launch a Small Business; 2) Small Business Marketing; 3) Branding and Growth; 3) Sales and Finance; 4) Career Development; etc. Writers must know how to untangle complex ideas and present them in an engaging, non-verbose writing style. Writers work remotely from home. Envato pays competitive rates. Complete the online application to get started.

Added: Monday, February 29, 2016
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Living History Magazine is Seeking Freelance Writers

Living History Publications is a small press publisher of non-fiction history and other areas of interest to historical reenactors. They will debut the first issue of Living History Magazine this summer. As a quarterly magazine, the editors are seeking articles from freelance writers which must be historical, reenactment, living history, or experimental archaeology. Writers are also encouraged to submit DIY projects and plans, event reports/coverage, historical recipes, detailed historical articles, etc. Suggested word length is up to 2K words per article. Photos are a big plus. Living History Magazine is a paying market--the amount of payment per article will depend on topic, length, photos, etc. The editors will only accept original articles.

Added: Friday, February 26, 2016
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers (est. 2009) is currently seeking freelance writers (remote work) to contribute articles on helping consumers handle important financial decisions, such as making smart and resourceful decisions on savings, credit cards, education, healthcare programs, insurance policies, investing, retirement, home mortgages, personal loans, shopping, small business start-ups, etc. Writers must be skilled in explaining complex topics into everyday plain language so that the average consumer can understand financial advice and take action on. Writers can work remotely. Payment: to be discussed.

Added: Wednesday, February 24, 2016
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The 'Buzz Monster Channel' Needs Freelance Writers

One Green Planet (est. 2013) has job openings for "buzzworthy" freelance writers to write for the site's popular Buzz Monster Channel. Writers will compose addictive, shareable content aimed at helping eco-conscious enthusiasts take positive action for animals and the environment. Writers will contribute 2-5 buzz posts daily on a wide range of themed topics. Payment will be discussed with approved writers. To apply, submit a cover letter, writing samples, social media profiles, and five relevant article ideas.

Added: Thursday, February 18, 2016
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Truck Camper Magazine is Seeking Article Pitches from Freelance Writers

Truck Camper Magazine (est. 2007) is open for proposals from freelance writers who want to contribute articles. The free online magazine is devoted to the thrilling "go anywhere, camp anywhere, tow anything lifestyle" of truck camping. Ongoing topics include all aspects of the truck camping lifestyle, trip destinations, and expert camper tips and advice. Submit a 100-150 word outline of your article. Explain what your article is about, why it will interest readers, and the availability of photos. The editors will discuss pay rates and story approach prior to assigning an article for publication.

Added: Friday, February 12, 2016
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Freelance Writers Invited to Pitch Articles to Porthole Cruise Magazine

Porthole Cruise Magazine (est. 1993) is currently seeking freelance writers to pitch articles to the editor. The bimonthly publication is a consumer magazine (not a trade magazine). Editorial content covers all things related to passenger-accessible cruises, including megaships, river cruises, sailing vessels, etc. Freelance writers are needed to write about the latest fads in cruise travel, ship reviews, destination pieces, onboard cuisine, entertainment, amenities, innovations, spas, and more. Payment is issued upon publication. The rate is discussed individually with writers (around $500-600 for assigned feature articles depending on length). Bill Panoff serves as Editor-in-Chief.

Added: Thursday, February 11, 2016
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The Pantograph Punch is Seeking Freelance Arts Writers

The Pantograph Punch (est. 2010) is seeking freelance arts writers to contribute long-form content. The website is an online community covering arts and culture in New Zealand, Melbourne, and elsewhere. Writers who are familiar with local and international interests can cover theatre, literature, music, visual arts, film, TV or other related topics. Study the site to familiarize yourself with the site's editorial content, style, and target audience. Payment is between $50 and $400 per article based on length and type of content. Writers will need to submit relevant samples of work beforehand.

Added: Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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One Green Planet is Seeking Eco-Conscious Freelance Writers

One Green Planet (est. 2013), a growing community of "green-living" enthusiasts, is seeking freelance feature writers to contribute articles on eco-conscious living. The editors are open to topics that empower people to make informed decisions, take action, and cause positive change around important issues connected to food, health, animals and the planet. The editors regularly seeks articles on: 1) Vegan/Eco-friendly lifestyle, products and trends; 2) Plant-based health and nutrition; 3) Plant-based health and nutrition; 4) Vegan food and/or cooking; 5) Environment & Conservation; 6) Animal rights & protection; and 7) Organic, Local & Fair Trade practices. To apply, submit a cover letter, writing samples and your resume. All writers are paid for their articles. The amount is discussed individually with writers.

Added: Friday, February 5, 2016
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nDash Marketing is Seeking a Freelance Content Writer

nDash Marketing LLC, a content marketing agency, is seeking a freelance SEO content writer who has strong knowledge of the tech industry and/or former B2B tech experience. Subject areas include app development, cloud services, cyber-security, software, marketing technology and other technological ventures. Writing assignments will include blog posts and/or whitepapers. The writer will also copyedit and proofread content to adhere to brand tone, readability, style, grammar, and accuracy. Pay rate: to be discussed. Submit your rates.

Added: Thursday, February 4, 2016
posted by is Seeking Freelance Fintech Writers is seeking experienced freelance journalists to cover news and topics related to digital currencies, blockchain technology, and distributed financial platforms. Journalists must have experience and knowledge of technology, finance, and emerging fintech developments. News pieces will involve in-depth research, reporting, and analysis, as well as interviewing industry influencers and companies. Other tasks may include attending and reporting at events, sourcing international news stories, and supporting 24-hour coverage of the bitcoin and blockchain industry. To apply, submit your CV and a cover letter. Pay rates: to be discussed.

Added: Wednesday, February 3, 2016
posted by is Seeking a Freelance Nutrition Writer is seeking a freelance writer to contribute two articles monthly on topics related to sports nutrition, recipes, and healthy eating. The company sells customized orders of healthy food to athletes and active individuals. The freelance writer should have a degree in nutrition or be a registered dietician. A passion for food, the outdoors, and sports is a plus. This is a remote and contract position. Payment: to be discussed.

Added: Friday, January 29, 2016
posted by is Seeking Freelance Tutorial Writers, a leading iOS programming community, is seeking new freelance writers to contribute easy-to-follow tutorials to educate users on the most practical ways to develop and write programming code for iOS apps, including iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS. The editors need writers to share tips, tricks, and insights that simplify complex app programming and design concepts and help users adopt better programming processes. Payment is per tutorial based on article length and its quality. The payment amount is discussed upon approval of a topic.

Added: Thursday, January 28, 2016
posted by Needs Freelance Footwear Reviewers (est. 2008) is seeking freelance writers based in Los Angeles (California) and Vancouver (British Columbia) to review the latest running shoes. Writers need to wear-test the running shoes, and then report their findings in a factual, unbiased narrative review (2K words in length). The goal is to help the site's readers make educated decisions before purchasing footwear. Payment is between $500-$650 per review plus six months of reader comment support. Writers who can also provide 35 post-processed studio shots with each review will receive an additional $500-$650. This is an off-site, contract/freelance position.

Added: Friday, January 22, 2016
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The Kernel is Seeking Feature Stories and Opinion Pieces

The Kernel, Daily Dot's digital Sunday magazine, welcomes freelance writers to contribute stories based on upcoming editorial themes. Each weekly edition explores stories about the Internet, technology, and life in today's world. Despite the theme, each week The Kernel publishes provocative, intelligent, and comprehensive reporting and well thought-out opinion pieces about trending issues and the people behind them. The editors seek feature stories (approx. 2500 words), short features (approx. 1500 words), and opinion pieces or narratives (around 1200 words). The editors pay for accepted submissions. The amount is discussed individually. Freelance writers can pitch their story ideas via an online form. Nicholas White serves as Editor-in-Chief.

Added: Thursday, January 21, 2016
posted by is Seeking Freelance Product Reviewers is seeking freelance writers to review outdoor gear products in specific categories such as mountain biking, road biking, and snowboarding. Currently, reviewers must reside in the South Lake Tahoe area for forthcoming writing opportunities. Freelance reviewers will compare all products in a category, test them, and write a long-form compelling narrative of results. Writers work from home part-time. Compensation varies based on each category's involvement and the variety of products the writer needs to test, but ranges from $1,700 to $2,500 per project.

Added: Friday, January 15, 2016
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The Indiana Minority Business Magazine is Seeking Freelance Writers

The Indiana Minority Business Magazine is seeking freelance writers to cover business, lifestyle, and diversity topics. Readership includes small businesses, large corporation, entrepreneurs, and career professionals. The editors prefer writers to be located within the State of Indiana; however, some assignments allow writers to work elsewhere. The editors may assign writers lead profile stories or articles for popular sections such as Hoosier Marketplace, Startup, Skill Set or others. Payment is based on article length and issued upon publication. Writers will need to submit an introductory letter, resume, and writing samples. The Indiana Minority Business Magazine is publishes quarterly by Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper.

Added: Thursday, January 7, 2016
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Binti is Seeking a Freelance Content Writer

Binti is a technology company that helps would-be adoptive parents complete the adoption process quickly. The company is seeking a writer (freelance/remote) to contribute content to Binti's website, in addition to ghostwriting content for guest blog posts on popular media sites. Topics include: guides for adoptive parents on the adoption process, advice for birth parents planning to place their child for adoption, personal accounts of adoptive parents undergoing an adoption, individual stories of birth parents who've placed their child for adoption, etc. Binti pays on project by project basis, but generally will be $50/post.

Added: Friday, January 1, 2016
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Modern Drunkard magazine is Seeking Nonfiction Articles and Fiction Stories

Modern Drunkard magazine (est. 2009), a periodical that publishes stories specifically about drinking, is seeking both fiction stories and nonfiction articles. The editor is open to most genres of fiction, though experimental fiction is less preferred. Fiction stories should enforce a positive view of drinking. The magazine is currently in demand for more topical nonfiction articles, including topics that explore the historical, humorous, or instructional aspects of drinking. Word length: 1K-4K words per story or article. Payment: 10 cents/word.

Added: Wednesday, December 30, 2015
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Philadelphia magazine is Seeking a Freelance Content Curator

Philadelphia magazine is seeking a freelance news and events content curator for its digital LGBT channel, G Philly. The freelancer will gather one to two posts daily, five days weekly, based on a rotating content theme that will include summaries of community and national news of interest to an LGBT audience, advice for the top local activities and performances, and condensed reviews of gay-themed media. The content curator will also put together one email newsletter weekly. Payment: to be discussed.

Added: Tuesday, December 29, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers

SpinMedia is inviting freelance writers to contribute essays and articles for, a popular women's lifestyle website devoted to pop culture, style, news and relationships. Writers can pitch or submit: 1) first person essays on a topic that interests women, such as sex, dating, friendships, family, body image, etc.; 2) opinion or rant pieces for The Soapbox department, which voices an analytical viewpoint on a specific issue, either something current or a personal topic; and 3) listicles, feature articles, Q&As, and themed-galleries that pertain to The Frisky brand and convey an authentic female voice. Word length varies, but is usually around 700-1000 words per piece. Payment is based on type of article but is competitive and comparable to industry standards. Amelia McDonell-Parry is Editor-in-Chief.

Added: Tuesday, December 22, 2015
posted by is Seeking Articles for its Online Theatre Journal

The editors of (est. 2012) are accepting queries and pitches from freelance writers who want to contribute articles on theatre, performance, artists, acting, and other theatre-arts topics for its online journal. The journal publishes essays, blog posts, recurring blog themes, and reviews of specific shows. Word length: 750-2000 words depending on type of piece. Payment: $50-$150 per accepted article.

Added: Thursday, December 17, 2015
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RankPay is Seeking Blog Posts on Social Media and Content Marketing

RankPay, an SEO company that offers social media and blog management services to businesses, is inviting knowledgeable writers to contribute blog posts on SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media for the site's blog. The company wants original, premium content that is actionable, distinct and helpful. Writers need to incorporate useful data, visuals, and quotes from experts. Word length: 1500 words or above per post. Payment: $100 per post.

Added: Wednesday December 16, 2015
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Entelo is Hiring a Freelance Marketing Writer

Entelo, a company that helps businesses recruit the best people for employment, is seeking an experienced marketing writer to work remotely on a freelance basis. The writer will create different types of content for an audience of people in the hiring space--sourcers, recruiting coordinators, recruiters, hiring managers, talent heads, CHROs, etc. Other tasks will include optimizing posts for SEO and lead generation, growing the company's subscriber base, and pitching article ideas. The writer should have 1-2+ years of former writing and editorial knowledge in technology and/or marketing. Payment: to be discussed.

Added: Friday, December 11, 2015
posted by

Audience Ops is Seeking Freelance Content Writers

Content marketing agency is seeking freelance content writers to write on a range of shareable topics to help the company's clients build an audience, traffic, and customer-base. Regular article topics include real estate, health and lifestyle, executive coaching, Wordpress, online marketing, freelancing, product development, and so on. offers writers regular writing assignments with support in researching the client's readership and crafting engaging topics to write. Writers work remotely on a retainer. Payment: varies.

Added: Wednesday, December 2, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers for Article Pitches

Gothamist LLC, which operates five regional lifestyle websites, is planning to expand and deepen its coverage of New York City. The editors are inviting freelance writers to pitch article ideas that cover trends, technology, events, food, culture, politics, and other local subjects. The editors want original, engaging, heartbreaking, witty, provoking, informing editorial pieces, written clearly and powerfully. Suggested word length is 1,500 word per article. Pay is based on experience, quality, and length.

Added: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
posted by

Long-Form Photography Articles Needed for, a site that offers free and premium Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions, is seeking experienced Native English photographers/writers to contribute 800+ word articles and long-form tutorials about photography, Lightroom and Photoshop. Each article needs to include useful photos and screenshots. Payment is $40/article.

Added: Friday, November 27, 2015
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The Dance Journal is Seeking Local Freelance Writers

The Dance Journal (est. 2006), published by, is seeking freelance writers to cover a variety of topics that embrace the expanding and emerging dance culture in the greater Philadelphia region. The editors welcome reviews, feature articles, interviews, and timely analytical essays that interest both the public and the dance/performing arts community. Writers should reside in the greater Philadelphia area; have a passion for covering a variety of styles and genres of dance; and embrace new and alternative journalistic styles. Writers will contribute 1-2 pieces monthly to start. Payment is $50 per article. More experienced writers may receive a higher rate of pay as negotiated with the editor beforehand.

Added: Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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IGN Entertainment is Seeking Freelance Gaming Writers

IGN Entertainment (, a leading online media and publishing company that covers gaming, entertainment and everything guys enjoy, is inviting experienced freelance writers to contribute content. IGN encompasses several distinct content channels that cover major video game platforms and other varieties of entertainment such as television, comic books and films. Freelance writers will need to complete an online form to be considered for freelance work. The editors will also need to know what kinds of work interests you the most: News, Previews, Reviews, Features, or Wikis. All freelance work is assigned on per-project schedule, and is not a full-time position. Rates and number of assignments will fluctuate according to season and budget.

Added: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
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American Journal Experts is Hiring Freelance Academic Editors

American Journal Experts (AJE), a division of Research Square, has posted independent contract editor positions (work from anywhere) to help their non-native English-speaking clients effectively communicate their research/academic work in English and prepare their manuscripts for publication in scholarly journals. Currently, AJE needs editors to perform editing, proofreading and/or technical writing for these academic fields: Business; Chemistry and Materials Science; Earth Sciences; Engineering; Environmental Studies; Life Sciences; Math and Computer Science; and Medicine. Compensation is based on manuscript length, the quality of the original manuscript, and the client's deadline. Freelance editors must either be enrolled in a graduate program or have a graduate degree; have native English expertise; and possess editing experience and/or solid technical writing skills.

Added: Friday, November 20, 2015
posted by is Seeking Writers to Contribute Healthy Lifestyle Articles

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation is seeking freelance writers and editors to contribute articles about traditional diets, holistic methods to nutrition, unconventional medicine, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The 63-year-old organization has recently rebranded itself and now strives to inform the general public about all facets of a healthy lifestyle, including environment, antitoxins, homeopathy, diet supplements, dealing with soreness, herbs, mental health, autoimmune ailments, water quality, and more. Writers will contribute 800-word factually-accurate and succinct articles according to the new Price-Pottenger healthy lifestyle strategy, prepared for a readership of Generation X (30-60-years old, and interested in traditional diet, health and nutrition.) This is a part-time, contract position that allows writers to work remotely. Payment: to be determined.

Added: Thursday, November 19, 2015
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Better Marketing, LLC is Seeking Freelance Writers

Better Marketing, LLC, a white-label provider of original, premium content for business-to-business, scientific and technical clients, has posted a handful of freelance writing opportunities at ProBlogger's job board. Working behind-the-scenes as a marketing and content provider for other businesses, Better Marketing handles projects in diverse fields such as IT/managed services, healthcare, high tech, scientific, home repair, and insurance sectors. Freelance writers usually produce 1-3 original pieces of writing weekly. Currently, the company needs writers for these topics: 1) Retirement Finance; 2) Medical Billing and Radiology; 3) Captive Insurance; 4) Crowdfunding Real Estate; 5) Home Painting; 6) Automotive IoT Tech; 7) Biotechnology; 8) Aging and Elder Care; 9) Managed IT; and 10) Life Science. Pay is negotiable based on skill and experience.

Added: Tuesday, November 17, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers to Work on Career Guides is inviting Native English freelance writers to work on book-length manuscripts (called FabJob Guides) aimed at exploring and starting a multitude of dream careers. These are contract work-from-home gigs, up to a full-time commitment, and pays $20/hour. Besides serving as "practical advice" career guides, FabJob Guides are also used as textbooks at career centers and colleges and universities. Every FabJob Guide covers a popular and very competitive career. As the writer you will inspire readers to launch their dream career and show them how to succeed by providing specific, factual and realistic advice. You will need to communicate how-to information in a positive, uplifting style and write in a conversational tone using a plain English writing style. Guides are typically 50K words and above.

Added: Friday, November 13, 2015
posted by

Skillshare is Seeking Freelance Tutorial Writers (est. 2011) is seeking freelance content writers to create more teaching-focused tutorials for its online learning community. The site helps individuals participate in online classes, watch video lessons, create their own projects, as well as teach a class themselves. The Skillshare environment traverses many niches, from business and photography to design and culinary. Online tutorials encompass a wide range of teachable topics, from creating a GIF in Photoshop and applying keyword optimization for SEO, to producing a color pallet and creating an aromatic soy candle. Writers have the opportunity to create engaging, visually-inspiring tutorials on topics that interest them. Payment is $100 per tutorial with the opportunity to receive higher pay rates in the long-term.

Added: Wednesday, November 11, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers to Cover Latin Culture

Established in 2006, is the premier destination for emerging and grassroots Latin music, culture, and entertainment. The site is seeking freelance writers to provide local event listings, feature articles, and reviews covering lifestyle, indie culture, entertainment, and music for Latino millennials in the U.S. Writers should craft their content in a conversational and insightful style, supplemented with strong fact-checking. The editors will expect writers to pitch ideas and write upon request. Submit a resume, cover letter, and samples of work. Pay rates will be discussed with writers.

Added: Tuesday, November 10, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers to Cover Workplace Design, a website and weekly digital magazine covering workplace design and furnishings, is looking for freelance writers to report on topics and events in the A&D Community. Topics of interest often include architecture and interior design, product design and development trends, events, culture, technology, sustainability, research and/or company news. Writers may possess any educational background, but a degree in a design relevant field or journalism is a bonus. Writers will work from home and create their own schedule. Compensation is based on article length, topic, and complexity, to be discussed. To apply writers should submit a resume, cover letter, and writing samples.

Added: Thursday, November 5, 2015
posted by

Tail Fly Fishing Magazine is Seeking Freelance Writers

MidCurrent LLC has opened submissions to its flagship angler publication, Tail Fly Fishing Magazine. Published bi-monthly, the magazine covers saltwater fly fishing, including angling techniques, flies and fly-tying, and angling destination pieces. The editors want detailed, valuable, and engaging stories about saltwater fish, especially how-to articles with photos. Suggested word length: 1K-2K words per article. Payment for stories is on a case-by-case basis. Joshua Wrigley serves as Editor-In-Chief.

Added: Wednesday, November 4, 2015
posted by is Seeking Writers for Parenting Topics is currently inviting writers to pitch articles on local parenting, lifestyle and travel topics for the website, as well as its related parenting sites which include and on an one-time or a recurring basis. Each writer will be in charge of writing and publishing a fixed number of posts per topic, usually 2 to 3 monthly. The editor will assign topics for tips, lists, how-to, DIY, trends, festivals, dining, and things to do. Short essay-style articles, 300-500 words, pay $25 and higher. Writers can pitch story ideas for in-depth feature articles, which run between 1200-1600 words, and pay from $60-$150 per article. Writers can also add themselves to the site's freelance database to receive future assignments.

Added: Tuesday, November 3, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance (Feminist/Pop Culture) Bloggers

Bitch magazine (, a popular print publication that explores feminist responses to pop culture, is now open to nonfiction articles for its blog. The online editor is reviewing article ideas about pop culture that incorporates a timely news angle. The blog publishes contemporary, informative articles that reveal something new about an issue or that spotlight engaging media, including cultural perspectives and misconceptions, realities of the popular imagination, and social trends. Suggested word length per post is 800-1200 words. Longer, in-depth essays are also invited. Rates vary, but all writers are paid. The amount is discussed individually with writers. Further submission guidelines for this gig are available at the magazine's Contributor's Guidelines page (scroll to the bottom).

Added: Friday, October 30, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers, a new digital playground where life and art converge, is now looking for freelance writers to contribute a range of diverse topics. The editor's most immediate need is for articles exploring: 1) how people are visual learners and the advantages of utilizing graphic recording/reflective graphics/graphic listening with presentations/meetings; 2) educational venues in visual learning and others who have used this method with TED Talks; and 3) topics that illustrate how art and life intersect. Suggested word length: 1000-1200 words per article. The editors pay competitive rates discussed individually with writers.

Added: Thursday, October 29, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers is interested in having freelance writers contribute articles on web design, hosting, WordPress themes, web tutorials, template freebies, and trending news. Articles usually run 500 words and up. The amount of payment is based on article length and quality, to be discussed.

Added: Wednesday, October 28, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers has started a "Freelance Writing Program" in which the editors are inviting knowledgeable writers to contribute original articles on data, economics, and business for its popular blog. Word length: around 2K words per article. Payment: $1,000 per article. The editors only want to hear from writers who have a completed article and are ready to pitch it. The editors plan to publish a few articles monthly.

Added: Thursday, October 22, 2015
posted by

CityScope magazine is Seeking Local Freelance Writers

CityScope magazine is currently seeking freelance writers to contribute local lifestyle articles about Chattanooga and surrounding areas. The bi-monthly magazine features regional businesses, special profiles, fashions, dining, entertainment, the arts, schools, etc. The editorial staff is seeking to assign stories for front-of-the-book features (1,200 to 2,400 words), and back-of-the-book departments (400 to 600 words). The ideal writer will have a cultivated knowledge of Chattanooga, proven journalism skills, and experience writing well-structured feature articles. The editor pays a fixed rate based on article length. Rates are available upon request.

Added: Wednesday, October 21, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Fandom Writers

Connected Ventures, LLC. is seeking freelance writers to contribute fandom-themed articles for (est. 2010), a popular entertainment website and the sister website of The editors are seeking writers to cover the fun side of fandom, including video games, video game parodies, TV, comics, cosplay, fan art, and pop culture. Pitch your article idea to the editors first. Payment for an accepted article is from $35 to $75. Andrew Bridgman serves as Editor-in-Chief.

Added: Tuesday, October 20, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers for Lifestyle Articles, a U.K.-based website that helps users manage their personal finances, is seeking experienced freelance writers to work with the editorial staff on crafting engaging and predominately photo-driven lifestyle content for the company's third-party partners such as MSN and BT. Articles will target readers in the United Kingdom, United States, and around the world. Submit a resume, three article ideas, and links to past work. The company pays competitive rates based on experience. Job expires October 23, 2015.

Added: Friday, October 16, 2015
posted by

Ventana magazine is Seeking Freelance Writers for Local Lifestyle Articles

Ventana magazine, published monthly by Southland Publishing, Inc., is currently seeking freelance writers to contribute nonfiction articles on a range of topics pertinent to living in Ventura County (California). Popular sections open to writers include Personality, Giving Back (philanthropy), Culture, Nesting (home/architecture), Table Talk (food/drink), Sporting, Shopping, and Travel (not limited to the local area). The editors want locally-focused, well-informed articles aimed at upscale residents of Ventura County. Average word count per article is 400-1500 words. Payment is 20 cents/word. Query the editor first with your article idea and your qualifications. Matt Katz serves as Editor.

Added: Wednesday, October 14, 2015
posted by is Seeking Stories about Today's Gaming Culture (est. 2012) is seeking original nonfiction stories exploring today's gaming culture involving both the artists who make the games as well as the fans who love them. Currently, the editors need feature-length stories that will enrich the reader's knowledge of and appreciation for video games, the individuals who make them and the enterprise of selling them. Writers must possess strong storytelling skills, using new ideas and new ways of conveying a meaningful story that will engage readers. Query the editor first with your story idea. Upon assignment, the editor will discuss length and deadline. Polygon pays 25 cents/word. Chris Grant serves as Editor-in-Chief.

Added: Tuesday, October 13, 2015
posted by

Great Escape Publishing is Seeking Travel-Related Articles

Great Escape Publishing is inviting freelance writers to contribute articles to its free eNewsletter, 'The Right Way to Travel.' The editors are seeking articles and hands-on advice on the craft and business of earning money to travel, whether by writing, photography, tours or other ways. The eNewsletter and website also feature short interviews with successful readers and participants of the company's home-study programs and workshops, as well as experts specializing in a travel-industry niche that empowers its readers to get paid to travel. Suggested word length: 300-600 words per article for the eNewsletter; variable word length for other articles. Payment: $50-$75 for articles published on the website; $100-$150 for interviews and personal stories; and $150-$200 for articles detailing specific workable advice on how to earn more income to travel.

Added: Thursday, October 8, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Parenting Writers (est. 2008), a popular online parenting community for imperfect parents, is inviting freelance writers to contribute highly-engaging, shareable articles on motherhood topics, such as pregnancy, rearing kids, kids' issues, relationship-building, health & wellness, and so on. Lists and short essays (under 900 words) work best. Payment is $100/article. Submit original, unpublished material only.

Added: Wednesday, October 7, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers

Photoshop Tutorials ( is a website that presents the best tutorials and useful resources for Photoshop fanatics. The site is seeking freelance tutorial writers/creators to create beginner, intermediate, and advance tutorials on specific Photoshop techniques. The site pays between $50 and $150 per tutorial via PayPal.

Added: Thursday, October 1, 2015
posted by

Chatter Buzz Media is Seeking Freelance Writers

Chatter Buzz Media, a premier digital marketing agency, is expanding its network of freelance talent and is seeking writers to craft quality content for: 1) Guest Posts on topical industry blogs; 2) SEO-optimized copy for client websites and microsites; 3) Random content assignments. Currently, the Agency has an increasing number of assignments weekly in such industries as Law, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Healthcare, Technology, Motorcycles, and Education. The typical article is up to 1K words in length. Payment: writers need to submit their rates when completing the online job application.

Added: Wednesday, September 30, 2015
posted by is Seeking Freelance Writers for Nights/Weekends (est. 2014), a popular lifestyle hotspot to find electrifying, uplifting, and immersive stories, is seeking freelance writers to contribute shareable content during nights and weekends. Writers work remotely from their location. Writers will monitor what's trending online and within social media, and deliver those trends to Writers should know how to craft clickable headlines and find interesting thumbnails. Writers will be responsible for writing eight posts per shift, both assignment-based and curation-based. A minimum of two years of experience is required supported by samples of online print and social media clips. Payment: submit your desired salary.

Paid Writing Gigs for Freelance Writers